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Metal Stamping Name Card

Why there is fault burst peeling for the metal stamping after electroplating?
We Dongguan laitong have been doing metal stamping parts for more than 20 years, and we did a lots of metal stamping part that with electroplating, however, what we remember clearly so far is that happened 2 months ago. It was a customer who asked us to make hardware fittings for clothes rack, the requirement for the hardware fittings is Iron-Iron electroplating, and then bend them, we thought it is a very simple processing, but we actually wasted a lot of time, labour, material and money on this project, and we also offened many electroplating factory around us!
The stamping clip and iron wire is very beautiful after Chromium pearl electroplating, the color and texture is very nice, high range and elegent! But the fault burst peeling was happend during the next processing which is bending! We are really exausted and frusted! and the electroplating is a big cost also. We took these defects to electroplating factory or reworking, but they refused, they said they could not make it any better! and there is absolutely no refund of the electoplating cost! We tried and changed many different electroplating factories, but all failed! A lot waste of material, labour and time! at last we found a factory that can make 50% percentage of pass, we felt much much happy about it!
 By a chance after sometime, we heared there is a big factory with automatic electroplating may can do this, we contacted with them and tried some work with them, the result is 100% pass! From that time on, we never worried about the hardware fitting electroplating for our stamping parts. We got to know from the engineer that the Pearl chromium is part of chemical water p[lating! the pretreatment for the mateiral must be enough, and the full automatical electroplating machine can make sure 100% pass!