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stamnped part for auto


High quality metal stamped parts for auto

Little Knowledge of Metal Stamping Tooling.

Metal stamping parts factory tooling design should not only guarantee good performance, but also should have good process performance, in order to reduce the consumption of materials, extend the service life of die, increase productivity, reduce cost and ensure the quality of stamping parts. Metal stamping parts Comparing with castings, forgings, metal stamping parts has the advantage of thin, uniform, and the characteristics of light and strong.Comparing to other method, Metal stamping parts processing can easliy manufacture the hardware parts with reinforcing rib, rib flanging, ups and downs, or artifacts, in order to improve its stiffness.
1. Stamping parts processing has a high yield efficiency, easy and simple to control, is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is due to the stamping is dependent on die and stamping equipment to complete the processing, ordinary press stroke times per minute can reach dozens of times, high pressure to can reach more than hundreds of times or even one thousand times per minute, and every time stamping stroke might get a stampign parts.
2. Because when stamping,  die ensure the stamping precision of size and shape, and generally does not destroy the surface of the stamping parts quality, and the life of the mould are long, so the quality of stamping is uniform. 
3. Stamping can processing large size range parts, more complex shape parts, such as small to the stopwatch in the watch, big to auto longeron, cover, etc., and as the stamping material hardening effect of cold deformation, the strength and stiffness of stamping is high.
4. Stamping generally no chip broken material, less material consumption, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a kind of material saving, machining method of energy saving, stamping cost is low.