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stamped part for Auto


stamped part for Auto

Dongguan Laitong metal stamping company is a big manufacturer that have been producing metal stamping parts for auto for more than 20 years!

Little knowledge about metal stamping as below:

The basic process of metal stamping is as follows?
1. Drawing. change the raw material or drawing operation part to hollow parts, or make further processing to change the shape or size of the hollow parts.
When drawing the hollow pieces rely mainly on the punch at the bottom of the outside of the material flow into the die to form.
2. Scrap Edge. Using metal stamping mold trim the edge of the forming process, make it has a certain diameter, a certain height, or must be in the shape of a stamping process.
3. Punching. Will waste along the closed contour from material or process on the separation of a stamping process, in the material or workpieces need hole.
4. Reversing. Around the curve shape turning it into a short side edge of a stamping process.
5. Hole Flanging. A metal stamping process turning the material into its side flange around the hole.
6. Blanking. A stamping process of separating the material along the closed contour, isolated materials become artifacts or process parts, most of them is flat.
7. Reforming and Finishing the shape. A Stamping process that depend on the material flowing, a small amount of change process in shape and size, to ensure the accuracy of a workpiece.